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Old School Baseball League (OSBL) - 1976

Regular Season Statistics | Transactions

Philadelphia Phillies (PHN)8359.585----41-3142-28638566+728-727-20
Boston Red Sox (BOA)8359.585----48-2735-32660640+208-622-17
Pittsburgh Pirates (PIN)7963.556443-3236-31639580+594-826-17
New York Yankees (NYA)6775.4721633-3934-36539604-654-823-24
Houston Astros (HON)8755.613----39-2848-27733502+2314-916-25
Montreal Expos (MON)6973.4861837-3632-37606626-2012-1023-29
Kansas City Royals (KCA)6379.4442432-3531-44542610-688-623-27
Toronto Blue Jays (TOA)5092.3523730-3720-55485707-2228-925-20
Cleveland Indians (CLA)7666.535----43-2933-37664535+12911-415-32
Cincinnati Reds (CIN)6775.472935-3732-38531594-6311-728-23
Chicago Cubs (CHN)6676.4651040-3526-41550557-75-821-25
Detroit Tigers (DEA)6379.4441337-3826-41536626-908-1423-27
Oakland Athletics (OAA)7864.549----39-2839-36668557+1115-826-28
San Francisco Giants (SFN)7864.549----34-3344-31566502+647-728-23
Los Angeles Dodgers (LAN)6973.486935-3234-41507545-3814-938-26
California Angels (CAA)5884.4082034-3924-45447560-1139-620-21
Houston Astros (HON)8755.613----39-2848-27733502+2314-916-25
Philadelphia Phillies (PHN)8359.585441-3142-28638566+728-727-20
Boston Red Sox (BOA)8359.585448-2735-32660640+208-622-17
Pittsburgh Pirates (PIN)7963.556843-3236-31639580+594-826-17
Oakland Athletics (OAA)7864.549939-2839-36668557+1115-826-28
San Francisco Giants (SFN)7864.549934-3344-31566502+647-728-23
Cleveland Indians (CLA)7666.5351143-2933-37664535+12911-415-32
Montreal Expos (MON)6973.4861837-3632-37606626-2012-1023-29
Los Angeles Dodgers (LAN)6973.4861835-3234-41507545-3814-938-26
New York Yankees (NYA)6775.4722033-3934-36539604-654-823-24
Cincinnati Reds (CIN)6775.4722035-3732-38531594-6311-728-23
Chicago Cubs (CHN)6676.4652140-3526-41550557-75-821-25
Detroit Tigers (DEA)6379.4442437-3826-41536626-908-1423-27
Kansas City Royals (KCA)6379.4442432-3531-44542610-688-623-27
California Angels (CAA)5884.4082934-3924-45447560-1139-620-21
Toronto Blue Jays (TOA)5092.3523730-3720-55485707-2228-925-20



Completed August 31, 1976
Completed July 31, 1976
Tigers trade Stan Wall to Giants for Will McEnaney
Completed June 30, 1976
Angels acquire Hank Aaron
Reds release Jim Lyttle
Pirates trade Gary Nolan to Reds for for #5 '77 pick
Tigers acquire Buddy Bradford and Rick Sawyer, release Terry Humphrey
Tigers trade Mark Belanger and Gary Nolan to Pirates for Bucky Dent and #4 '77 pick (via Phillies)
Angels acquire Carlos May
Angels trade Larvell Blanks to Pirates for #5 '77 pick
Astros release Jackie Brown
Astros trade Graig Nettles to Pirates for Toby Harrah, Tom Busley, and #4 '77 pick
Completed May 31, 1976
Indians trade Billy North and #2 '77 pick to Yankees for Jose Cardenal
Angels trade Al Oliver to Yankees for Larvell Blanks and #2 '77 pick
Giants release Mike Garman
Angels trade Rollie Fingers to Giants for #1 '77 pick and #2 '77 pick
Completed April 30, 1976
Tigers acquire Terry Humphrey, release Larry Biittner
Pirates trade Wayne Garrett to Royals for Jack Brohamer
1976 Draft/Post-Draft
Pirates trade Jim Spencer to Phillies for Steve Hargan and #4 '77 pick
Pirates trade Bob Moose to Blue Jays for Jim Spencer
Giants trade Jim Umbarger to Yankees for #5 '76 pick
Phillies trade John Mayberry to Cubs for #3 '76 pick
Astros trade Cesar Geronimo and Astros #4 '77 pick to Phillies for #2 '77 pick
Royals trade Doug Rader to Red Sox for #4 '77 pick
A's trade Pat Dobson to Blue Jays for #5 '76 pick
Pirates trade #2 '76 pick (via Reds) to Blue Jays for #2 '77 pick
Indians trade Larry Parrish to Royals for #3 '76 pick (via Blue Jays) and #2 '77 pick
Yankees trade Ron Leflore to Astros for Manny Trilo
Indians trade Lyman Bostock to Giants for #1 '76 pick
Indians trade Pete Rose to Phillies for Ron Reed, Ken Singleton, and Indians #1 '77 pick
Pirates trade Vern Ruhle to Reds for #2 '77 pick
Royals trade #2 '76 (via Blue Jays) to Phillies for Mike Hargrove
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